Master of Business
The Champion of Business award provides a unique opportunity to honor entrepreneurs who shape a positive image of the Polish economy. Among the winners of this prestigious award are companies that not only use modern technologies, but also respect the principles of responsible business and inspire the introduction of best practices in the industry.
Złoty Medal 2020
Gold Medal 2020
Another in the collection of the Górecki brand Gold Medal won at the 2020 Poznań International Fair. We are pleased that our company has once again been recognized by an esteemed jury.
Gold Medal of Poznan Tradeshow in 2009
The proof of the high quality of our products was winning GOLD MEDAL International Tradeshow. The jury consisted of professionals, professors, scientists, whose task was to study in depth the product candidates. A series of wheel covers: Spyder, Radical, RST brand RACING4 reported by us to the competition met with the approval of the Chapter. Evaluation were subjected to not only the caps – their aesthetics, form, quality but also the entire production process. The jury ZMMTP also appreciated our focus on the environment throughout the manufacturing process and subsequent usage caps.
GOLD Customer Laurel 2009, 2010, 2011 and GRAND PRIX
The company once again, conducted a study in terms of popularity of products on the domestic market. These were the opinions of the society verified questionnaires. The study aimed to determine the general level of popularity of products and services. It turned out that the company Górecki took first place in the category Car hoods and thus received a Golden Customer Laurel 2011. Since it was already our third consecutive Golden Laurel Client (2009 , 2010, 2011 ) received the Grand Prix. An important thing for us is the fact that the choice of the most valued products make customers themselves, so the value of the granted medal is very important to us.
Quality of the Year
The result of maintaining high quality and modern appearance of the caps is to obtain by our company exclusive award “Quality of the Year” for years: 2010, 2011, 2014, 2015, and QUALITY PRODUCT OF THE YEAR – 2011.
In 2015 we received QUALITY OF THE YEAR – GOLD and in 2016 we were nominated for the highest prize QUALITY OF THE YEAR – DIAMOND.
Galeria naszych nagród i certyfikatów