It is all about thinking
Quality means that constantly seeks and uses the best solution. Quality is the degree of compliance with the standard or specialized requirements are strictly adhered to technological process, the management of the company to operate as a healthy organism, where everyone has the awareness and responsibility at every stage of production.
We are aware of the wealth that gives us a natural environment . We know that if you do not take care of it today , our children and grandchildren will be deprived of clean air and uncontaminated water . That is why we strive for continuous improvement activities to prevent and eliminate pollution of the environment – is one of our top priorities.
The main objective of the company is its development, by maintaining existing and attracting new customers and continuously expanding its offer in the production and sale of automobile hoods and accessories.
ISO 14001:2015 Certificate
ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
The means by which we realize our goal is:
Identifying and meeting the expectations of our customers

Preventing the sale of products not meeting the specified requirements

Providing experienced and constantly lifting their skills of staff

Modernization of machinery and implementation of modern technologies in order to improve the quality of our products, consistent application, development and improvement of management system based on the requirements of PN -EN ISO 9001:2008 and BS EN ISO 14001:2004

Improve the system of communication with the customer

Closer partnership mutually beneficial cooperation with our suppliers

We believe that these assumptions consistently implemented in the management system oriented to the customer, will contribute to strengthening our position in the market, the acquisition of new customers and improve relationships with existing clients.
In order to meet these commitments declare the provision of adequate financial resources, personnel and material and maximum utilization of the intellectual potential and expertise of our employees.
The Board is committed to:
Meet the legal requirements in terms of quality, environmental protection and the continuous and conscious management system improvement

Preventing pollution, and to minimize the negative impact on the environment

We will strive to ensure that our company was perceived in the market as a partner worthy of supreme confidence. We want all our customers to know that quality is our trump card.