Two prestige awards for Górecki

Two prestige awards for Górecki

We are pleased to announce that the Górecki company has been awarded two prestigious awards by the editors: Forum Biznesu and Biznes Trendy.

In recent years, Polish consumers have faced thorough changes in their lifestyle and consumption habits. In today’s world, it is increasingly difficult for us to choose the right product or service from a wide and ever-expanding offer. In order to meet the contemporary consumer, the program “Good Brand – Quality, Trust, Reputation”, helps in choosing the best, most trusted and renowned brand in particular industries.

The editors of Forum Biznesu and Biznes Trendy, for the tenth time carry out research aimed at determining the value, activity and recognition of brands in particular categories. The subject of the analyzes covered among others: the market position of the brand and its strength, the quality presented by a given product or service and the degree of consumer confidence.

The undertaking is aimed at selecting the best companies and brands on the Polish market. Distinguishing the brand with the emblem “Good Brand – Quality, Trust, Reputation” is an excellent form of highlighting the status of a brand that is a leader in its industry, confirms the highest quality product or service, and also testifies to the trust of recipients and the reputation of the brand.

It is the client and his opinion that shape the activities of all companies, which is why distinctions based on consumer research are particularly important to them.

Good Brand Emblem – Quality, Trust, Reputation brings with it the most important information for the consumer that he will find all the desired features in this product or service.